Who We Are

Here at OzmaHouse EC, we walk our talk. Collaborative in how we work, learn and communicate together, we collectively decide how our diverse and collective skills best meet the needs of each coaching and workshop query we have from schools and districts. Based in western Massachusetts, some of us live more easterly ‘on beyond Framingham’  and we travel wherever our work is–making us well practiced at distance learning!

Meg Robbins, Lead coach and consultant at OzmaHouse EC,  has a core interest in supporting districts and schools in creating collaborative professional learning communities.  Using what she learned from many years as a middle and high school humanities teacher, district union vice president and more recently with  Teachers21, the Center for Collaborative Education in Boston and the Education Development Center, she focuses her work on what engaging and respectful teaching and learning authentically looks like in the classroom.

Meg has worked both domestically and internationally with schools and districts involved in school reform; as a change coach, a supervisor of student teachers and as a curriculum coordinator. A key skill she brings to this is in working  positively with teachers who are reluctant to embrace the use of technology in their practice.

A political economy/American studies graduate of Smith College, Meg has a graduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in secondary social studies education and democratic classrooms, and graduate education in special education with a focus on inclusion learning. She has been a Small Schools/Small Learning Communities/PLC coach in both traditional and vocational high schools as well as coach with Pilot, Coalition of Essential Schools and Turning Points schools in urban and low income New England districts. She worked intensively as a turnaround coach consultant with master teachers with the Rhode Island Department of Education in at- risk Providence middle schools.

A National Facilitator with the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF), Meg has co-facilitated series of Critical Friends Group facilitator  institutes for Disney Hand Teacher Honorees in Orlando and Anaheim. She has worked extensively in helping schools to create Teacher Assessment Programs in small, traditional and vocational high schools that center on collaboration, peer observation and self-assessment.

Meg works as a consultant with the Collaborative in Hampshire County, MA and as an adjunct faculty member with Fitchburg State College in creating and facilitating Moodle-based on-line courses for teachers who are interested in effectively coaching student e-learners.  Long an advocate and practitioner of  Student Directed Learning; she enjoys working with teams of  administrators, teachers and students in their community efforts to create schools which foster lively, creative learning experiences.

YearUp Graduation summer 2009 Richard Dubuisson   Coach and Project Manager at OzmaHouse Educational Consulting has worked in diverse educational environments as a teacher, academic director, and consultant. Most recently, he worked with numerous schools in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as a school change coach for the Center for Collaborative Education where he managed the DSAC PLC Project, worked with the School Quality Review team, wrote and implemented School Re-Design grants as well as coached teachers and school leaders in implementing Performance Assessments. Prior to that, Richard co-founded Year Up Boston, a college-credit earning, workforce development program in Boston that became a national model. Additionally he operated Web Impressions, a boutique web design firm catering to non-profits and educational organizations. Richard, a Duke University alum math whiz and a native of Haiti, is a former high school math teacher and is committed to school improvement as a path to closing the opportunity divide in this country. As a seasoned National School Reform (NSRF) coach, Richard’s expertise as a detail-savvy, calm, thoughtful and skilled facilitator allows him to organize, assemble and facilitate  efficient and constructive teacher sessions to create, tune and implement effective, engaging collaborative teaching practices.

Mary Wiseman Instructional Designer, Lead IT  Coach and Consultant.  Mary has a real knack for making technology friendly for teachers and students who are unaccustomed to working with new IT tools. Interested and informed about what’s new in a swiftly-changing IT-education world, Mary is extremely skilled at helping schools and districts find a working balance which connects the use of technology as an asset to learning rather than an add-on to teaching. Facilitator and designer of e-courses for students, she is a web designer in her “other” life.  Mary is skilled at problem-solving and  is the Queen of Moodle and a multitude of other terrific educational tools.