Blended Learning

It’s the future. What does BL mean for teachers?

Often it’s interest, questions and apprehension.

How do I teach my traditional class when a third of them are on computers?

What skills lend themselves to  “both” ways of teaching/learning?

How about assessment? How do I know that the kids are learning?

Timing? Planning? Behavior?

How do I know what’s out there in terms of resources? How do I know they’re okay?

What about You Tube? Cell phones? Ipads?

What about Me? If I say yes to Blended Learning isn’t that eventually going to mean I’m not needed?

As experienced practitioners and coaches in the 1:1, 5:1, All:1 and variations thereof (like Flip), we have helped teachers and students work through challenges and take a deep and thoughtful breath. The future is here.