Bridging the teacher “I don’t do tech” gap workshops

We’ve come a long way in a short time with technology. Many schools and districts have great resources for using technology to teach. Many teachers “get it” and some—don’t. It can be scary to be in an “out of competence” arena and while schools can require teachers to get the proficiency training—they can’t make teachers love and use it.

We offer workshops that support the reluctant practitioner from power point to Smartboard with web savvy and excitement about including the world in lesson planning. We start the conversation and move it beyond, “I can’t.” With years of experience (yes, we do remember plugging in a single classroom computer to a phone network and then waiting 30 minutes out of a 45 minute class for the dial to get through) we know what it feels like to get our feet wet. With time to share joys, fears and concerns as well as to support teachers in identifying tech  goals and embracing first steps—we use collaborative professional community skills to create a cohesive move-forward culture.