E-Learner Coaching

Working with students as e-learners as  an on-line content coach or from the computer-in-the-corner classroom is a very different challenge from classroom-based teaching.  Many students need to be able to actively integrate thinking -and- doing skills in order to be successful in mastering on-line courses. That these skills lend themselves to success in the classroom as well as in “real-life” challenges makes them critical.

We can help schools develop their own protocols for e-learning as well as provide in-depth professional development on identifying and implementing metacognitive skills that best support on-line learners.

E-Learner Teacher/Aide -Coaching incorporates using 21st century and active metacognitive skills to help E-learners to persist and master online course-work. While many districts and schools have quickly warmed to the idea of on-line learning portals to support non-traditional or challenged learners, they have not had the same experience in building a common set of skills that allow for student success.