Common Planning “Team” Time

We provide coaching support and professional development workshops to help fledgling teacher-groups create an effective goals-based climate that allows Common Planning Time to be the core professional learning time it should be.  There is no question that teachers do their best work when they have regular access to well-structured professional common planning time. For some schools this happens in department meetings, faculty meetings or on the occasional pd day, for others it is intentional time mapped into the daily, weekly or monthly calendar and for some, it simply does not happen. At all.

Learning to use Common Planning Time well is a whole ‘nother conversation and it means having everyone on board to focus that time on teaching and learning in every minute of that precious allocated time. CPT lends itself best to work related,goals-based agendas connected to larger school-identified evidence-based goals.  CPT might be a collaborative creation of an interdisciplinary unit, using a text-based protocol to share thinking about a professional journal or book, or a session of looking at student and teacher work (LASW).