Summer Learning With Professional Learning Community!

summer tree

We are pleased to announce that OzmaHouse Educational Consulting will be offering Summer Workshops and coaching in building Professional Collaborative Communities. As facilitators and coaches we support schools in using highly effective and engaging PLC structures which serve as the lens through which school action plans are implemented. These allow learning communities to engage in deep content-related analysis and development that positively impacts the way schools work. Our workshops are customizable to meet school and district needs, and may be regional or site-based. We look forward to working with you!

Collaborative Curriculum Mapping and Vertical Integration Coaching:

Many schools and districts have realized the enormous benefit of having practitioners at the same table, looking at what each student is being taught as they move from class to class or grade to grade. This vertical or horizontal team work requires a strong prior foundation in the way we work together,which allows this critical work to happen efficiently, collaboratively and meaningfully if it is to be relevant and practical. Curriculum mapping requires honesty (“I know my grade level is supposed to teach this, but actually this is what I really taught, and here’s why”) and honesty requires safety–and trust. We support districts in building this lasting framework.

Collaborative Professional Learning (PLCs) Trainings for New Learners:
This training is geared to the needs of entry PLC groups and facilitators who are eager to begin the energizing process of forming their own professional learning communities in their schools and districts. Rich with take-away tools and skills to use from day-one in the new school year, these sessions lay the groundwork for action planning towards PLCs.

Collaborative Professional Learning (PLCs) Training for Trained Facilitators:
Gotten the basics and want more? Learn more about facilitating challenges and dilemmas, and build your skills in running deep and thought-provoking common faculty sessions. Ready for a school or district-based Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) or to begin having teachers take ownership of school-wide professional development? This workshop is for you.

School or District Leadership Retreats:
Whether you collaboratively engage in an inquiry cycle, revise school vision and mission, analyze school/district data, or create action plans to meet specific SIP and DIP goals, this is the kind of retreat that changes the whole dynamic about how we work together to implement and sustain an authentic vision. We will work with you in planning and facilitation using collaborative structures and protocols to both create community and efficiently realize your outcome goals.

Content Team Work Sessions:
Creating a strong collaborative structure which positively supports team planning goals makes this session the kind of experience that teachers value. We’ll support teams in planning and using strong agendas and protocols to work with tuning common assessments and DDMs, UBD units and lessons, develop curriculum maps, and create interdisciplinary projects and performance assessments to both engage and challenge all students.  781.267.6553 413.265.8516