Critical Friends

Critical Friends is just what it sounds like if you think about the word “critical” as meaning both ‘critique’ and in the sense of it being of immediate need and value. Teachers and Administrators learn to use a variety of protocols to structure their work (just as medical practitioners and FEMA do!) which could involve a question a colleague has about her work, a concern based on a round of assessments that raised issues, sessions which allow colleagues to share and grow by reading common texts or the use of consultancies to problem-solve.

As nationally certified Critical Friends Coaches (NSRF), we offer both intensive five- day training that certifies participants as Critical Friends Coaches in a ‘train-the-trainer’ model or workshop  formats that gives colleagues a base for beginning.

We also work with schools as hands-on facilitators in modeling protocols in real-time settings both with teachers and with administrators who want to use their time productively, effectively and with a deepened focus on teaching and learning.