Vocational High School Integration

Exploring implementing common practices across the curricula?

Connecting the “academics” with the “trades” interdisciplinarily? Bridging a gap between “them” and “us”?  Capstone Projects? Student Portfolios? We offer workshops and coaching in creating a cohesive culture in the Vocational School setting which allows common experience and connections.

While Vocational high schools still go by a common label, there is a huge and personalized world of learning which allows students in technical and vocational schools to use what they are learning in their core academic classes directly in their “real-life” trades hall experiences. When students have those opportunities to connect—they “get” it. When they don’t—they divide their school-world into “on” and “off” weeks.

Experienced in working with Vocational High Schools in creating Career Academies, 9th grade Academies, Instructional Leadership Teams and in “Bridging the Gap”, we can help your school realize cohesive goals.